Lyster Dewey’s diaries contain references to many characters who are written about in his personal diaries including family members, coworkers and fellow researchers. Below is a reference list of the characters who are mentioned in the diaries and a brief background on who they were.

Lyster Hoxie Dewey self, son of Francis Asbury and Harriet (Smith) Dewey
Grace Marguerite Dewey daughter
Genevive Dewey daughter
Etta Conkling wife
Father Conkling Etta’s father
A. H. Wright hemp farmer in Madison, Wisconsin
Mr. Robinson
Mr. Seebold neighbor
Harry T. Edwards USDA Executive
Mr. Dixon
Mr. Grant stenographer 1903-1904
Mr. Coville
Irving bother in Adrian, MI
Mary and Lant family in Morrice, MI
Adolph “Duff” Lang
Mrs. Stretch
Frank Hall friend and schoolmate
Director Merrill
Miss Marks stenographer 1922
Lucille Goodloe assistant and friend 1922
George & Ebba Campbell family friends
Robert “Bobbie/Bob” Dewey Frost grandson
Clarke Diamond friend
Edward Lyster grandson
Lydia Vollrath stenographer 9/55/22 – 8/12/1924
John Dewey brother
Gerturde Johnston stenographer February 23, 2005
Hubert Snow friend and church elder
Mrs. Allie MacDonald cousin
Mr. J. Doull Miller fellow botanist from New York
Dr. John Loe Allison church pastor/preacher in DC
Dr. Swormstedt family doctor
Ned Mayo friend
Marie Goodloe nee Goodloe stenographer August 1909
Leroy “Roy” V. Crandall assistant
Harry Works friend and church elder
V. K. Chesnut friend
Edgar Ide old friend
Mr. Vandervortc church friend
Elizabeth Dewey relative
Fred Dewey relative
Frank Bell old friend
Grace Gerow Darling Douglas friend
Mr. Turpin church accountant
Edward office messenger
Frank and Nelda Wood friends
Harry Thurtell fellow alumnus of MAC and friend
Mr. Mueller next door neighbor
Lyster Hamlin Dewey namesake and relative
George Hamlin
Mildred house helper
Lucy caretaker of Lyster’s mother
Bertine lives with Lyster and Etta, works with Lyster briefly in 1918
Stewart Campbell boarded at the Dewey residence 1918
Charlie and Mary Trimble friends, boarded with the Deweys 1923
Joseph Davis assisted Dewey 1920
Frank Dewey brother
George Dewey elder brother
Otto Braskamp church pastor/preacher in DC
Mallet Prevost church friend
Margaret Carothers nee Rae stenographer 1925
Cornelia “Cornie” Snow Charles daughter of friend Hubert Snow
Carl “Jack” Frost son in law
Dr. E. L. Frost father of Carl Frost